I’m not.. but He is-

Don’t get caught up in the things you aren’t today. It is never a question of who we are but WHO IS GOD? He is the I AM. Jesus invites us to fill in the blanks to meet our needs right where we are. When you are in a dark place, I AM the light. When you feel defenseless, I AM your shield- your refuge. When you feel weak and tired, I AM your strength. When you feel like you’ve lost your way, I AM ahead of you- making your way. You see? HE IS… is everything we need just for today, and whatever we don’t have tomorrow? He is that too. Today I’m not going to focus on all of the things I’m not, and instead, be thankful for who my “I AM” is and how He loves me. He made me on purpose, and you? You were on purpose too.

“God said, “I AM WHO I AM, this is what you are to say to Israel, ‘I AM’ sent you.” Exodus 3:14

Love y’all,


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